Stir of Embers

Anan wants nothing more than to be a pilot in the Ranis military and marry his love Callah. The near death of a foreign ruler reveals a secret Callah is harboring which threatens to tear the young couple apart. To make matters worse, Anan discovers he can see into the spirit world and finds himself in the center of a battle between the loyal servants of the Ancient, and the rebellious Fallen.

A guardian spirit sent to aid Anan questions her assignment when the leader of the Fallen ask her to make an impossible decision: Abandon Anan and embrace their outlawed love, or stay and lose the desire kindled in her heart from millennia of separation.

Hoping to keep his commission, Anan hides his ability, which allows the escalation of tensions in the region to grow. As war looms, he finds himself competing with his superior officer for Callah’s affections. The Commander knows her secrets, and sets his sight on reclaiming his lost love, and ruining the career of Anan in the process.  If Anan can’t find his way, he’ll lose more than his military position; the Fallen will devour him.

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